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Our mission is to connect every SMB, Enterprise and organization with the exact combination of people, technology, and processes required to successfully integrate their cybersecurity solution.

Why now?

Cybersecurity is an ever changing industry. There is always a new threat or problem to take care off.
A lot of companies in the industry can’t keep up.

There is a great opportunity to create the environment for organizations to focus on their specific areas of cybersecurity expertise, while using the benefits of increased scale to provide beter service.

Our vision is to consolidate the fragmented cybersecurity consulting market through strategic investment and the creation of a market leading cybersecurity platform by zealously focusing on the clients that rely on our services every day.

News about Albus:

The Albus difference

Albus is investing in cybersecurity consulting companies with diverse specializations and uniting them. They are the experts that fill in each of the security building blocks that clients require.

Our clients rely on us to provide each of the “modules” required for their security. Using this modular approach saves clients time and headaches, without compromising security. This allows Albus to more efficiently protect companies against an expanding range of threats.

We are dynamically expanding trough consolidation. This is the most important lever in our growth strategy.

Our experienced board of directors is zealously improving operational efficiency, while optimizing our security protocols.

Founders want to join us

We are helping founders to take back time,
while realizing the financial value of what they have built.

People need time and resources before they can focus on different things.
Founders are joining Albus to secure their future.

Situations differ, every business owner and founder has different goals,
we are creating unique opportunities for everyone involved.

50+ years of combined board level experience in cybersecurity, finance and M&A in startup, enterprise, and public company environments.

Our board has a strong operational focus to ensure future success.
Additionally, we are represented by some of the best law and accounting firms.

These are just some of the people involved in Albus’ operations.


CEO – Founding Director

Gabriel has surrounded himself with other ambitious people to build the best value oriented cybersecurity solution.

He has a mission to create economic and elegant solutions for widespread use, Albus is the manifestation of that mission.

van der Slobe

CFO – Director

Evert-Jan is a high-impact finance star with an entrepreneurial streak.

With his professional background and vast experience in a wide variety of sectors, he pushes Albus towards absolute excellence.


Cybersecurity Maven

Having spent over 25 years in mission-critical environments, he is uniquely qualified to advise organizations on what works and what doesn’t.

Bryan has a key role in optimizing Albus’ product architecture for ease of use and top-notch security.